Planning & Environmental Services

EMCS delivers successful projects through commitment and devotion to community involvement, agency coordination, extensive alternative analysis, and cost-effective solutions.

EA/EIS Services

While a good Environmental Assessment (EA) or Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) encourages informed public debate on major projects, it can be a lengthy process. EMCS assists clients by providing comprehensive environmental impact reporting and permitting services to evaluate impacts of all kinds for major and minor projects.

Corridor Planning

Corridor plans focus on a particular linear pattern of movements, which may include parallel roadways, freeways, arterials, buses, and rail. A good corridor plan looks at the whole picture, regardless of agency boundaries, and identifies strategies that allow a variety of project solutions. EMCS can provide conceptual frameworks for corridor studies, as well as “the nuts and bolts.” In multi-modal corridor studies, EMCS can identify traffic improvements for rural or urban arterials, major freeways and funding/cost alternatives for improvements.

Public Involvement

When considering project delivery, negative public opinion can delay a project for months, maybe years. EMCS will work with you to achieve community approval by implementing a comprehensive education and awareness program. This requires that key public groups understand and agree on project issues. Specifically, there are three communication objectives:

  • Ensure understanding of the need for the project
  • Identify the concerns of project stakeholders
  • Develop an awareness of the project analysis and decision-making approach

An effective public involvement program is flexible, where aspects are adapted to the needs of the community and the site. Involvement should begin early to assure that all public concerns are considered from the beginning. EMCS has designed and implemented successful public involvement for a wide variety of clients, projects, and constituents.